Please complete the online Registration first via this link  - Registration Form  - You will be directed                                                                                   back to this page for payment choices.. 

                                 If Registering at Mayfair Centre download the Registration form here

   All classes are £45 per class for Youths , Adults & OAPS for 12 week term Sept - Dec. 2020

                                       One Student 1 class £45          One student 2 Classes £90   etc.                                                                                                                           Maximum Family cost is £250 ..

                    Please choose classes below and pay for all at once at checkout by Secure Card Payment

                     There are also plenty of good instruments for hire at very reasonable prices -- read here


FastTrad is a programme organised by AllSet Cross Cultural Project

Registered Charity in Northern Ireland  - NIC102212

All Set Cross Cultural Project is grateful to all funders and partners 


Marley Trust

In Partnership with

St. John the Baptist's College