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FastTrad is a traditional arts programme located at the Ashgrove Community Centre, Portadown. This community venture is attracting all age groups from 6yrs to pensioners on a cross-community basis. Instrumental classes run from Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings offering tuition on fiddle, flute, banjo, mandolin, uilleann pipes, harp, tin whistle, button accordion, guitar, bodhran and concertina.  Monthly music sessions are scheduled from the New Year in McKeevers Lounge to enable all levels to experience and enjoy playing music with other instruments. Tin whistle classes also running at Maghery Community Hall for children; this will extend to parents soon. Arts Council N.I. is the principal funder via Department of Communities & Lottery.  
All Set Project is also delivering other music programmes in Maghery & Birches with assistance from the Community Fund. A rural 
engagement fund will develop further community music programmes from the New Year. 

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