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Recent Funding Success

Recent funding received by All Set Project

‘Together with Trad Project’ is funded by Rural Engagement Arts Programme - Arts Council of Northern Ireland

All Set Project has received £9980 to deliver traditional arts programmes to rural communities. The overall project will instigate many opportunities for positive social interaction, combatting isolation and loneliness within rural communities.

The programmes will be delivered at Diamond Club in Maghery, Cosy Club at Birches and in Maghery Community Hall from January 2023.

Each programme will address the shared link of our traditional arts. The atmosphere will be relaxing, peaceful and inclusive and no one will feel discriminated against. ‘Together with Trad’ will promote well-being, develop self-confidence and self-esteem enabling all to achieve a sense of belonging.

The first session was on Thursday 26th Jan. at Diamond Group, Maghery. Robert Burns was celebrated; Len Graham, Mary Fox & Lee Lawson provided songs & music on flute & small pipes.

The songs encouraged participation from attendees and a lot of conversation about the life and memory of Burns, which generated a lot of interest amongst all.

Some pics from Thursday’s event……..

Community Arts Fund supported by Ulster People’s College –

The fund of £2000 will support engagement in arts, culture and heritage for marginalised communities in rural area of Maghery. We will enable marginalised communities to come together and engage in dance & music programmes in Maghery Community Hall. Armchair dance exercise sessions with Diamond Club members & tin whistle classes for adults from within the community will take place over 12 wks. This funding will create increased creativity and improve community cohesion. Whilst improving social networks, everyone will experience improved mental health and well-being.

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