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FastTrad Launch Crowdfunder Campaign for Musical Instruments

all Friends, Members and anyone who has been involved or knows about the work that FastTrad delivers.

As you all know FastTrad is a programme that is run by the registered charity AllSet Cross Cultural Project.

We have the chance to submit an application for an Art Council NI grant for musical instruments which would allow us to have a stock of instruments for hire ...

There is no guarantee of success with the application however we will try our best.

THE CHARITY NEEDS TO RAISE 25% of funds towards total cost of instruments we are seeking to purchase.

The organisation will use some of its small amount of reserves towards this total, however we are looking for support in raising the remainder

So we have launched a crowdfunding campaign which is now live where anyone can donate to the cause.

There is a more detailed explanation on the crowdfunding link below.

This is a great opportunity to allow FastTrad to grow and to offer more class choice in pipes, concertina, flute, harp, bodhran etc so please help support the charity in this endeavour.

Please also share amongst your friends…….

All donations will go specifically towards the purchase of instruments for FastTrad

if you would rather donate by some other means please get in touch

If our application is unsuccessful all donations will be returned

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