Easy Fundraising

As you can imagine running Fasttrad takes more money than just class intake. We try to get grants etc to help with running costs to keep the cost of tuition to a reasonable amount. Here's a great way of helping FastTrad obtain extra income and it's free and easy to sign up and use to use . No cost to you at all.

If you haven't heard of Easy Fundraising follow the link and help us raise extra income for the work that FastTrad and Allset do within the community and schools. Follow this Link below

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AGM notice AGM will take place on Wed. 2nd December at new premises - Mayfair Unit @ 7pm You are welcome to attend, however please email allset@btinternet.com to confirm to enable social distancing. Y

FastTrad is a programme organised by AllSet Cross Cultural Project

Registered Charity in Northern Ireland  - NIC102212

All Set Cross Cultural Project is grateful to all funders and partners 


Marley Trust

In Partnership with

St. John the Baptist's College